“That is Not My Problem,” A Zionistic Wisdom

2 01 2009

By Farid Solana


Have you ever missed someone so bad?

Perhaps, that feeling will make you uneasy, loosing apetite, experiencing writer’s block (for writers, author, or novelist), etc … And the result is the one that is (totally) not you.

Everybody ever falls in love, that’s for sure.

Falling in love is something dangerous. It means that you let someone open-and-go inside your chest, your heart … and let her mess you up.

You’ll be sad if she doesn’t contact you for a few days.

You’ll be sad if she experiences something unpleasant.

You won’t be able to say “That’s not my problem” to your lover – the one you love, and the one who loves you – if she has to marry a guy she doesn’t love: she married a guy just to make her parents happy …

Saying “That’s not my problem” feels like a knife in her heart … and she’ll be burst into tears.

That’s the risk of falling in love. That’s the risk of being human.

Feeling defines our relationship with the world outside ourself.

Consequently, if we consider that this world is strange to us, we will have no feeling to it: responsibility, compassion and affection are not necessary in this kind of world. We will be stranger in our own earth. The feeling of being a stranger is the opening gate of personal detachment from the system surrounding us. Seclusion is not something elite – it is a sign of detachment. What we need today is an ability to get along with others without losing our characters and personality.

Study of culture, human behavior, customs are indispensable to conduct. Nowadays, the development of technology has helped us to learn all of them.

Switching on your TV, you may perceive Japanese customs, how to cook Italian food, history of Zionism, life in Harvard, or even sex education. Clicking a link on your Internet browser, you may access biography of Richard Wagner, CNN, Reuters, or latest news on illegal logging in Indonesia. All these information is free.

Talking about news, this week, my world has been shocked by Israeli assault on Palestinian living in Gaza Strip. Up to now, there are more than 350 casualties: most of them are civilians!

I don’t know the reason behind Israeli attack on these non-soldier people. It is important for you to know that this is not the first time for Israeli to kill civilians. I have two opinions about this.

First, Israeli troops were not trained to kill soldier. It explains why they kill another non-soldier homo sapiens such as children, women, and old people. Two, Israeli is underachiever in military technology. It elucidates why their ballistic missiles always fall on the wrong target – hospitals and universities are different from military garrisons! (For this kind of reason, Israel must learn from countries having more sophisticated military technology such as USA or Iran.)

Both of my outlooks are completely wrong, of course.

Troops are always trained to kill soldier. And it is widely known that Israeli is one of the countries equipped with cutting-edge military technology.

If material-and-logical based concepts can not clarify Israeli behavior, we need to turn into more psychological reasons. Does this nation, Israel, know the meaning of love, affection, or compassion?

Most of Israeli civilians are Jews. This walking-fossil has marked world history for the last 6 thousands years. From world history, we comprehend their struggle and suffer while trying to get a portion in the history of mankind. But, these Israeli Jews are not merely Jews: they are Zionist – a modern supporter of the state of Israel. Simply speaking, not all Jews are Zionist – but, those who live in Israel are Zionist.

Looking backward on the world history, we may be aware of the background of the establishment of Zionistic movement. It was all romantic, very romantic. Theodore Herzl’s passion was quite romantic.

The question is, “Why this romantic movement need to kill innocent people and invade other nation to attain its goal?”

Thanks to United States of America. Thanks to British government.

Thanks to Lord Balfour. Thanks to UNO.

Thanks to Adolf Hitler and (few) European countries.

… their ‘aid’ successfully helped the establishment of the nation of Israel – through the carnage of Palestinian and the confiscation of the land of other nation.

It seems that Zionism is purely physical movement. It doesn’t involve metaphysical variable such as sympathy, affection, and love.

When a Zionist notice a Palestinian who happens to be the victim of Israeli bombing, he may say, “That is not my problem. I just need a land to inhabit. Life is a competition, you know. You need to fight-and-struggle to survive.”

“That’s not my problem” is an irresponsible retort.

This respond will only come out from the mouth of a human who suffers from personal detachment from the system surrounding him. This is the respond of a Zionist.

If I have this kind of philosophy, I’m not a human: but a Zionist.

“That is not my problem” is an inhuman wisdom – it is a Zionistic wisdom.

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One response

14 01 2009
Kalb al-Hussain

In the Du’a Ziyarat assyura, we said:
Damn those who killed thee (al-Hussain AS)
Damn those who do thee unjust
…damn those who heard of thy ordeal, and ignore it.

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