Annihilation of Israel is the Only Solution for a Better World!

28 02 2009

A Brief History of Israel

If you have lack of information on Israel, this writing may help you comprehend how Israel today was established. “Annihilation of Israel is the only solution for a better world” is not a kind of exaggeration: indeed, it is true.

1896 Born in Budapest, Hungary, Theodore Herzl dreamt about a Jewish state in Palestine. He, along with other Zionism founding fathers, succeeded in gathering fund from all over the world, from pro-Zionism communities. Herzl, who is also regarded as the founding father of Zionism – a concept which is not widely among Jews themselves – believed that the Jewish state could only be established after the arrival of The Messiah.

1914 Up to this year, there were more than 1.200 Jews living in Palestine, among Palestinian. After the defeat of Ustmani Caliphate in WW I, Palestine had become a playing ground of world big-countries. This time, the Zionist, cooperated with pro-Zionism Jews, succeeded in dominating British and United States government.

1917 British Foreign Minister, Lord Balfour, on Nov., 2nd, signed Balfour Declaration as an instruction the establishment of Israel as a nation. A month later, British troops invaded Jerusalem and conditioned Palestine as a land of conflict.

1920 British and some European countries had successfully controlled Middle East countries and started the establishment of nation of Saudi Arabia so that the country mandated Palestine in the hand of British government. About 75 thousands of pro-Zionism Jews were coming to Palestine then: invading and inhabited the area.

1922 Trans-Jordan was separated from Mandate Territory. As a representative of pro-Zionism Jews, the Jewish Agency was established. The number of Jews living in the territory had become 80 thousands.

1933 Few European countries succeeded in conditioning mass riot through the genocide of Jewish race in Germany. A systematic way of Jews annihilation was successfully conducted in Germany.

1936 A little bit late, Arabian communities fought against pro-Zionism Jews’ politic in invading Palestine. But, the Jewish club, which was supported by the presence of British troops, finally got a winning battle over Palestinian. Palestinian had become a stranger in their own land.

1937 Zionism forced British government to fasten the establishment of the nation of Israel.

1939 Jewish Brigade, which was established based on British government idea, was supported so the number of Jews living in Palestine, and invading the citizen, had increased in a fairly great number.

1945 US-British Commission decided that 100 thousands of Jews had a right to live a life in Palestine. The Jews were brought from all over the world. It was no wonder that there were so many riots among Jews and Palestinian.

1947 Palestinian had to try to live with Jews due to the separation of the area: for the Jews and Palestinian themselves. It was the UNO that established that idea. UNO also proposed and supported the establishment of the nation of Israel in Palestine. Battles among Jews and Arabian occurred then. World history must remember one thing: Saudi Arabia was never joining those battles.

1948 On May, 14th, British signed out from Palestine – leaving Jewish troops marched into the Palestine. These Jews assaulted Palestinian living in their own land. Still on the same day, Ben Gurion announced the establishment of Israel in their newly formed (capital) city, Tel Aviv. First-cold war in Middle East took place not long after that.

1949 The existence of Israel as a nation (and a country, of course) was accepted by UNO. The confiscation on the thousands of Palestinian continually happened so that they became stranger in their own land. Many Palestinians went to Gaza, a desert in Palestine, due to Israeli attack. Israeli government then announced Jerusalem as its capital city. Up to now, in Palestine, there are 650 thousands of Jews coming and establishing new area of living. Their presence forces Palestine to go to another area.

On the next years, UN – under the control of USA – emerges idioms such as: Israel-Palestine Conflict, Israel-Palestine Peace Process, Israel-Palestine Conference, etc. Finally, by the writing of this article, it is widely accepted by people over the earth that this conflict is a kind of sectarian and ethnical conflict. Sometimes, it is widely accepted that the Zionists have a right to invade Palestinian.

It is quite true that pro-Zionism Jews have invaded the world of Palestine. So, the right term in while discussing Israel and Palestine problem is not Israel-Palestine Conflict, but The Israeli Assault on Palestine, because before the establishment of the nation of Israel, Jews had lived among Moslems and Christians in peace; it is not Israel-Palestine Peace Process, but Mass Attack on Palestinian by Israeli with the aid of British, USA, and European countries, because up to now thousands of Palestinian must suffer – including children, women, and the old; it is not Israel-Palestine Conference, but The Genocide of Palestine, because this world, up to now, especially Arabian countries chose to keep silent on the mass attack done on Palestine every single day.




3 responses

11 02 2009

You aught to be ashamed being MUSLIM and being a FASCIST in preaching Genocide of Israelis, Jews.

No, No one buys the propganda as IF you or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (EichmanJihad, the Islamic Hitler today) cares about Arab Palestinians, but only use them as tools in your JIHADI BIGOTRY hatred against Jews.

Anwar Aris: You should read your books, Zionists are different from Jews.
And we will oppose Zionists wherever they are, whatever faith they have. If these zionists pray five times toward the Ka’bah, we would certainly fight them till the end….
It is not about religion, but it’s about justice.
And your profiling will not affect anyone who cares for justice… us whatever you want…

22 08 2009

According to my opinion about what u said, that there is no different betwen you and zionists, please check again what u was said b4 struck an attitude, n Ought you to blame your self

Anwar Aris: Your subjectivity in this column is not unreasonable. I have explained the establishment of the State of Israel Fictitious chronologically based on historical records. But you, only “attack” with no ammunition at all, and it was the same as “fart”. To my knowledge, people like you wear the Zionists, but it did not matter because your life choices.
Of course, common sense I do not agree if I blame myself for being fair.

14 03 2011

All the negatif comment didin’t gave reason why israel/zionist still be exist.
only blame and barking without logic reason, why all of you only want to discuss on time frame when israe;/zionist now, Why you didnt think before.
If you are real democratic person i think you could be agree to gave refferandum to palestenian people there,

Anwar Aris:

In fact the referendum was rejected by the Zionists. We agree to a referendum conducted by the Palestinian people, do it without involving tourists arrivals from Germany and throughout Europe, Britain and America who now inhabit the land of Palestine after brutally expelled indigenous Palestinians.

Justru referendum ditolak oleh kaum Zionis. Kami setuju referendum dilakukan oleh rakyat Palestina, lakukan itu tanpa melibatkan turis-turis pendatang dari Jerman dan seluruh Eropa, Inggris serta Amerika yang dengan brutal mengusir penduduk asli Palestina.

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